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Small Commercial Vessel Operator and Crew Training

If you operate a commercial vessel, it's your responsibility under law to ensure you and your crew follow Transport Canada regulations. For an excellent source of information, read the Transport Canada Small Commercial Vessel Safety Guide. 

Chapter 4 of the Safety Guide will help you u competent crew based on the Marine Personnel Regulations, and to help you understand what training is required on different vessels and in different areas of operation. 

Winter 2022 Training Schedule

It's late I know but COVID continues to challenge course planning, so I've now set my sights on January 2022, in London (if I can find a suitable venue) and Scarborough. Right now I'm just waiting to see how the Delta wave pans out in Ontario, and whether I will be able to actually put 18-people together in a room.

Course Registration Information

$50 Refundable deposit required to register

For information on future courses, please send an email to me at:

[email protected] and I will let you know what's happening.

Deposit Policy: To guarantee a seat in one or more of these courses, a $100 refundable deposit is required. If you cancel up to 7-days before the course, you will have your deposit fully returned. If you cancel with less than 7-days before the courses and if I am able to fill your seat, you will have your full-deposit returned.


Do you have a workplace requirement and are looking for on-site training for your company or organization? Please contact me for more information and a fast quote.  


Transport Canada

Two-day course

$265 (+ $35 HST)


Small Domestic Vessel - Basic Safety

One-day Marine Emergency Duties course

$240 (+ $31 HST)


Radio Operator Certificate - Maritime

Course over 2-evenings

$240 (+ $31 HST)


Small Vessel Operator Proficiency

Four-day course

$660 (+ $85 HST)