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Small Commercial Vessel Operator and Crew Training

If you operate a commercial vessel, it's your responsibility under law to ensure you and your crew follow Transport Canada regulations. For an excellent source of information, read the Transport Canada Small Commercial Vessel Safety Guide. 

Chapter 4 of the Safety Guide will help ensure you understand what you certificates you must hold to be certified as competent crew based on the Marine Personnel Regulations, and help you understand what training certificates are required on different vessels and in different areas of operation. 

Spring 2022 Training Schedule

These courses are now open for registration.  For information on how to register, please send an email to [email protected] 

A single fully-refundable deposit of $200 is required to reserve a seat in the SVOP training course. ` 

Please let me know if you want to be on a wait-list for the St. Catharines SVOP or SDV-BS.  18 Candidates are the maximum per course.

$200 Fully-refundable deposit required to register for the SVOP

For more information, please send an email to me at:

[email protected] and I will send you the details.

Deposit Policy: To guarantee a seat in the SVOP, a $200 refundable deposit is required. If you are unable to attend and let me know before the training starts, you will have 100% of your deposit returned. 

COVID 19 Proof-of-Vaccination Policy

Under current Ontario government regulations, proof-of-vaccination is required for attendance at indoor event and meeting spaces.

Marine Basic First Aid (MBFA)

Includes one-day self-directed online training which must be completed prior to attending the one-day instructor-led course.  

$265 (+ $35 HST)


Small Domestic Vessel - Basic Safety

One-day Marine Emergency Duties course

$240 (+ $31 HST) formerly MED A3


Radio Operator Certificate - Maritime

Course over 2-evenings

$240 (+ $31 HST)


Small Vessel Operator Proficiency

Four-day course

$660 (+ $85 HST)