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Small Commercial Vessel Operator and Crew Training

If you operate a commercial vessel, it's your responsibility under law to ensure you and your crew follow Transport Canada regulations. For an excellent source of information, read the Transport Canada Small Commercial Vessel Safety Guide. 

Chapter 4 of the Safety Guide will help ensure you understand what you certificates you must hold to be certified as competent crew based on the Marine Personnel Regulations, and help you understand what training certificates are required on different vessels and in different areas of operation. 

Fall 2021 Training Schedule Coming

COVID is still around but the good news is I've now set my sights on November 2021, in London and Scarborough. Course details and locations are being finalized and will be announced on this website and Facebook shortly.  As required by Ontario Health Regulations, all course participants must now provide proof of being fully-vaccinated and wear a face mask while indoors.

Course Registration Information

$200 Refundable deposit required to register

For more information, please send an email to me at:

[email protected] and I will send you some details.

Deposit Policy: To guarantee a seat in one or more of these courses, a $200 refundable deposit is required. If you are unable to attend and let me know, you will have 100% of your deposit returned.  If you sleep in and forget to show up for the course, you will lose your deposit.  No surprise there.


Do you have a workplace requirement and are looking for on-site training for your company or organization in Ontario? Please contact me for more information and a fast quote.  


Transport Canada

One-day self-directed online training must be completed prior to attending one-day instructor-led course.  

$265 (+ $35 HST)


Small Domestic Vessel - Basic Safety

One-day Marine Emergency Duties course

$240 (+ $31 HST) formerly MED A3


Radio Operator Certificate - Maritime

Course over 2-evenings

$240 (+ $31 HST)


Small Vessel Operator Proficiency

Four-day course

$660 (+ $85 HST)